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Devnak, which provides international transportation services with its staff specialized in their fields of work, has adopted a sense of sensitivity to time, safe and quality service and has always continued its customer-oriented work.

We provide high quality transportation services with our service map spread across the Balkans and Europe. At the end of each task we complete, we increase our prestige a little more and a sense of full confidence is achieved by our customers, with our experienced expert personnel who are well-versed in customs laws in their respective fields of duty, can speak the regional languages, and are aware of the mission we have undertaken.

All of our drivers are experienced in the relevant routes and have at least 7-10 years of experience on the said routes, and the visas of our drivers for the relevant routes have been provided by our company, and we prevent time loss by not allowing our drivers to get visas on the route during the cruise.


All of our transports are covered by CMR insurance and our vehicles have EURO5 and EURO6 norms. We have 96 and 100 m3 vehicles, all of our vehicles are equipped with ADR and our drivers also have ADR certificates.

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