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DEVNAK NAKLIYAT GROUP has been continuing its success in the sector with its full service understanding since its establishment in 1989.


With the management principles envisaged by the modern world, the devoted work of our experienced staff, and a strong and modern vehicle fleet, we safely transport the products of Turkey's leading industrial establishments abroad.

Our company, which is aware of the importance of speed and mutual information exchange in logistics, conveys all information from departure to arrival to its customers with the technology of our age.


Our main goal is to strengthen this trust we have received and to make it unshakable, to always be the pioneer of our sector.


We moved our facility, which was previously located in Istanbul Basın Ekspres Yolu İkitelli, to our new facility with the latest modern technology of our age, which we built in Istanbul Çatalca in 2010. We continue to serve our customers with more confidence with our 1000 m2 closed area, 5000 m2 open area and our own supply and maintenance facilities. Increasing and renewing our vehicle fleet day by day has made it easier for us to provide timely and safe service and further strengthened customer satisfaction.

We have realized our investments with our own equity and we are planning to realize our developing and future investments with our non-credit equity assets. In addition, we plan to provide better service by opening offices in our industrialized provinces throughout Turkey.

Our company, which has C2 and ISO 9001 certificates, provides services in both complete and partial shipments to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and all European countries.

We can organize customs clearance, T1 and TIR carnet transactions in all our warehouses.

We serve you with our self-owned fleet, which consists of awning, closed box, hanger and refrigerated trailers, all with Turkish plates. We resolutely continue on our way with the slogan "EVERYTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY".

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